Prospect of rocker box and multistage gear transmission of shearer cutting part

A series of research work has been carried out on the dynamic modeling analysis and dynamic performance optimization of multi-stage gear transmission box coupling of shearer cutting part, and some research results have been obtained. However, due to the complex structure and working condition of the cutting part, there are many influencing factors, and the following problems need to be further studied and improved

① The planetary gear train is not the focus of this paper, so the pure torsional dynamic model is used in the modeling, which can not reflect the influence of radial vibration caused by rocker box deformation on the dynamic meshing force of the planetary gear train. The next step is to use the translation torsion dynamic model or even the flexible ring gear dynamic model to further analyze the dynamic characteristics of the planetary gear train of the cutting part.

② There are many degrees of freedom in the coupling dynamic model of the cutting part, which is time-consuming and takes up large storage space for the simulation results. The next step is to study how to speed up the solution and reduce the storage space on the premise of ensuring the accuracy, which will be conducive to the comprehensive analysis and optimization of the dynamic characteristics of complex gear system.

③ In the next step, the influence of the above uncertain factors can be considered to improve the multi-stage gear three-dimensional topological modification model and enhance the robustness of the modification effect to the error and load changes.

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