Prospect of spiral bevel gear NC Machining Technology

Because the research idea is novel, the electromechanical combination involves a wide range, and needs solid mathematical theoretical knowledge, especially from the basic principle of spiral bevel gear, it almost involves the whole manufacturing technology. However, to develop a prototype, more in-depth research needs to be done in the following aspects.

  1. Fit the tooth surface of spiral bevel gear to make further research for tooth surface analysis.
  2. To generate NC instructions, it is also necessary to program the post-processing part.
  3. In multi coordinate motion control, the influence of NC interpolation discrete approximation on tooth surface forming error.
  4. Research on real-time interpolation algorithm of multi axis generative motion NC and control software.

Combining numerical control technology with spiral bevel gear processing technology, using computer technology to improve the traditional bevel gear processing technology, giving full play to the advantages of the software and hardware of the numerical control system, and combining the advanced achievements at home and abroad, we have developed a spiral bevel gear numerical control processing system with independent property rights, so as to break the foreign monopoly and catch up with the foreign level, Contribute to the development of CNC industrialization of gear manufacturing in China.

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