Random error of tooth surface friction parameters of spur gears

Tooth surface friction parameters of spur gear under random error interference

The time-varying friction model on the meshing line of spur gear is shown in Figure 1, and the corresponding time-varying friction torque Ti (T) is:

Where, μ (t) Is the tooth surface friction factor of spur gear.

Random error makes the micro morphology of spur gear tooth surface uncertain. With the change of spur gear meshing contact state, the meshing curvature radius, friction coefficient and normal load per unit contact length along the contact line fluctuate, which has random characteristics.

Assuming that the surface roughness of spur gear obeys Gaussian random distribution, it represents the randomness of tooth surface friction coefficient of spur gear, including:

Where, ξ (t) Is a random variable whose mean value is 0 and obeys Gaussian distribution; Critical mean value of friction coefficient μ 0 is 0 109; Standard deviation of friction coefficient σμ Is 0 05。

The friction coefficient curve calculated according to the formula is shown in Figure 2.

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