Reduced the product development cycle and enhanced enterprise’s efficiency

<p style=”text-align: left;”><img alt=”speed reducer 2″ src=”” width=”429″ height=”299″ />This article introduction the machine design and the simulation process and get out the result based on SolidWorks system. In the forther the artical introduced the SolidWorks software, and talk out basic module, the function and the application method of SolidWorks,  the simultaneous have carried on the analysis to present situation of the CAD/CAM development,  it carries on the machine design using SolidWorksn the necessity and the feasibility. Finally, the article has completed this software using thespeed reducer design in the machine design, mechanical kinetics simulation and NC automatic programming aspect performance. Through the confirmation, carries on the digitization using the CAD/CAM software to the machine design manufacture, enhanced the product design efficiency enormously, reduced the product development cycle, enhanced entrerprise’s efficiency.</p>