The belt type transports the engine drive instrument the design and the manufacture

<p style=”text-align: left;”><img class=”ngg-singlepic ngg-center alignleft” alt=”belt conveyor” src=”” width=”379″ height=”335″ />This topic design topic is “the belt type transports the engine drive instrument the design and the manufacture”. Structural design, and completes the belt type to transport in the engine drive instrument the reduction gear assembly drawing, the detail drawing design and the major parts craft, the work clothes design.</p>
<p style=”text-align: left;”>This time design concrete content mainly includes: The belt type transports the engine drive system design; Main transmission system design; Main zero, part design; Completes the major parts the technological design; Designs set of main important documents the craft equipment; Composes the topic report; Composition graduation project instruction booklet; Translation foreign language material and so on.   Regarding the student who soon graduates, this design biggest achievement is: Synthesis basic theories, project technology and production practice knowledge and so on utilization machine design, mechanical drawing, machine manufacture foundation, metal material and heat treatment, common difference and technical survey, theoretical   mechanics, materials mechanics, mechanism, computer application foundation as well as craft, jig. Grasps the machine design the general procedure, the method, the design rule, the technical measure, and unifies with the production practice, raises analyzer and solves the general engineering actual problem ability, has had the mechanical drive, the simple machinery design and manufacture ability.</p>

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