Research content of precision forging technology of spiral bevel gear

Taking the precision forging process of automobile driven spiral bevel gear as the research object, the metal dynamic law and die elastic deformation are analyzed by finite element numerical simulation. The relationship between preform shape parameters and machining process parameters is predicted by orthogonal experiment and neural network, The optimal combination of processing parameters is obtained by ant colony optimization algorithm. The optimal design of prefabrication is realized by response surface, and the optimization of precision forging process of automobile driven spiral bevel gear is realized.

1) The research status of spiral bevel gear and precision forging process is summarized, and the existing problems are analyzed.

2) The high temperature deformation behavior of gear steel 22CrMoH at 900-1150 ° C and strain rate of 0.01-10s-1 is studied. The constitutive relationship is described by hyperbolic sinusoidal equation, and the hot working diagram of gear steel 22CrMoH at 60% deformation is drawn, The range of thermal deformation process parameters is determined by the power dissipation value and the distribution of rheological instability zone in the hot working diagram.

3) The ring rolling process used in preform processing is analyzed. Through the combination of theory and numerical simulation, the process parameters that have a great impact on the preform rolling effect are determined, and the influence law of process parameters on the preform rolling effect is analyzed.

4) The relationship between the rolling effect of preforms and the design variables is analyzed by orthogonal experiment, and the neural network model between the design variables and the rolling effect of preforms is trained according to the orthogonal experiment results. The ant colony algorithm is used to optimize in the neural network solution space, The optimum process parameters of the dairy process of preform ring were determined.

5) Through numerical simulation, the metal flow law, the distribution and evolution law of important physical fields and the elastic deformation law of die tooth profile in the process of die forging are analyzed. The shape and size of preform are optimized by response surface method, and the influence of design variables on the response target is analyzed, so as to improve the stress distribution and reduce the forming force.

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