Research methods of gear transmission

Gear dynamics takes a pair of gears or the whole gear system as the research object, aims to study and improve the dynamic performance of gear transmission, and analyzes the dynamic characteristics of a single gear or each part of the system in the actual transmission process based on the dynamic nonlinear theory, that is, the characteristics of vibration, howling, noise and so on, Then it can provide theoretical support for the selection of methods to diagnose and solve the faults of gear system.

Gear transmission is the main power transmission system of automobile, machine tool and other machinery. The dynamic performance of the system has an important impact on the overall working efficiency of the machinery. Therefore, gear transmission dynamics has been widely concerned by people for many years, especially in the past 20 years, with the development of relevant mechanical theory and experimental technology, the research on gear transmission dynamics is gradually in-depth. At present, the theories and methods of gear system dynamics research have developed relatively mature, forming a more systematic basic theoretical system of gear transmission dynamics.

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