Influence of alignment error and error coupling compensation on meshing characteristics of herringbone gear

Herringbone gear transmission has the advantages of high bearing capacity, stable transmission and small axial load. It plays an important role in the transmission system of heavy machinery such as energy equipment, large ships, aerospace and so on. In recent years, large mechanical equipment has higher and higher requirements for its stability, reliability, vibration and noise, which also makes herringbone gear transmission develop towards the direction of low vibration, high precision and long life.

Chaari et al. Discussed the influence of manufacturing error on the dynamic characteristics of spur gear transmission; Guo et al. Analyzed the dynamic model of herringbone planetary gear transmission considering manufacturing eccentricity error, and obtained the influence law of manufacturing eccentricity error on planetary gear transmission system; Kang et al. Carried out theoretical and Experimental Research on the influence of staggered angle of left and right meshing tooth surfaces of herringbone gears on the dynamic characteristics of the system, and found that the influence of staggered angle on the vibration of the system is very significant; Hong Qingquan et al. Established a multi-stage gear system model including meshing damping, time-varying meshing stiffness, comprehensive transmission error, input load and load, and torsion of flexible transmission shaft, and analyzed the influence law of various factors on the dynamic response of multi-stage gear system; Dai Rihui et al. [7] established the dynamic model of herringbone gear transmission system by using the concentrated parameter method, and analyzed the effects of time-varying meshing stiffness, transmission error, helix angle error and eccentricity error on the axial vibration of herringbone gear transmission; Based on the calculation method of axial displacement foundation, Wang Feng et al. Deduced the comprehensive meshing stiffness of Herringbone Gear Considering installation error, and analyzed the variation characteristics of meshing stiffness under different loads.

The alignment error of the left and right helical gears of herringbone gear is the factor restricting the high-precision herringbone gear, but there are few literatures involved in the research of herringbone gear transmission, and most of them ignore the differences between the left and right tooth surfaces and the axial vibration. Considering the coupling excitation of alignment error and axial assembly error of herringbone gear, the research on the stability of herringbone gear system with symmetry compensation of left and right tooth surfaces has not been reported. Based on the geometric contact analysis model of gear, considering the factors such as tooth surface clearance, force balance condition and axial vibration, the bearing contact analysis model of herringbone gear with centering error is established, and the effects of centering error on the left and right tooth surface load, axial displacement and axial force of herringbone gear pair are analyzed. By introducing the compensation variable of small wheel axial assembly error, the effects of herringbone gear alignment error and axial assembly error coupling compensation on transmission stability are studied, which provides a new way to improve the stability of herringbone gear transmission.

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