Research on control system of NC spiral bevel gear machining machine tool

Because spiral bevel gear is widely used in all walks of life, the development of spiral bevel gear processing machine tool is also an urgent need in the current machinery industry market. In analyzing the current situation of spiral bevel gear processing machine tools at home and abroad, it is not difficult to see that the development of control system still pursues high-grade, which is not only expensive, but also complex to operate. It requires highly skilled personnel to process the machine tool in order to produce qualified bevel gears. In this paper, the control system of NC spiral bevel gear machining machine tool with reasonable configuration and practical value is developed, which has high machining accuracy and short production cycle. It fills the gap of domestic medium-grade spiral bevel gear machining machine tool and can improve the NC machining level of spiral bevel gear in our country.

The main achievements are as follows:

1) The control system of yk2250 spiral bevel gear machining machine tool is developed. The economical and applicable Siemens 828d is adopted for the configuration of the numerical control system, and the five axes adopt full closed-loop control; The spindle is controlled by analog quantity. The NC system body has no analog quantity output interface. The I / O module is used to output analog quantity (this is the extended function of the system). The digital display meter is used for speed display. Combined with PLC ladder diagram control, the spindle control is completely realized. This design makes full use of the extended function of the system and develops a structure with its own characteristics.

2) The spindle angle display device is developed. The position encoder and counter are used together to accurately display the rotation angle of the spindle tray.

3) The five axis control of spiral bevel gear machine tool adopts full closed-loop control, the three feed axes adopt grating ruler for full closed-loop control, and the two turntables adopt circular grating for full closed-loop control, which greatly improves the machining accuracy of the machine tool.

4) The operation is simple, intuitive and easy to process. Meet the requirements of high speed, high precision and high stability.

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