Research on gear vibration noise of manual transmission

As far as the current research is concerned, the research on the vibration and noise of automobile transmission mainly focuses on the research of transmission gear vibration noise, the identification and prediction of transmission related structural noise, and the suppression of transmission vibration and noise.

At present, some achievements have been made in the research on the mechanism of transmission vibration and noise. With the development of computer-aided software and testing tools, great progress has been made in both simulation and test. More and more researches on transmission NVH combine simulation with test, and have achieved good results. In the aspect of sound field research, the most representative software is Sysnoise, which is integrated into the more powerful LMS in the follow-up update Virtual.Lab Medium. In terms of testing, with the attention of universities and automobile factories to NVH, more and more noise laboratories and testing instruments are widely used.

With the continuous improvement of the recognition level of transmission vibration and noise and the continuous optimization of related auxiliary tools, the research on transmission NVH at home and abroad will be paid more and more attention. In addition, the optimization method for vibration and noise will also be more reliable, and its effect will be more and more significant.

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