Research on hobbing of helical gear

The solid modeling of helical gear tooth surface generation is carried out, and the gear meshing analysis, machining method and machining principle are studied. Through the modeling, parameter correction, meshing simulation and related experiments of helical gear, the hobbing method of helical gear is found out.

The main contents are summarized in the following three aspects:

1.Meshing transmission and hobbing simulation of helical gear

(1) Based on differential geometry and gear meshing principle, the tooth surface equation of helical gear is established;

(2) Based on the meshing principle, the three-dimensional meshing model of helical cylindrical gear and helical surface gear is established for motion simulation;

(3) Based on the principle of hobbing, the solid model of helical cylindrical gear is created;

(4) The helical cylindrical gear is meshed with the raw helical gear, and its transmission is analyzed;

(5) Modify hob parameters according to meshing status.

2.Processing of helical gear

(1) Improved design and tooling design of hob;

(2) Machining helical gears.

3.Principle experiment of helical gear transmission system

(1) Design and construction of test bench;

(2) Contact spot detection;

(3) The result analysis puts forward some suggestions for hobbing helical gear.

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