Research on vibration and noise of transmission gears in China

With the maturity of simulation technology, the research of transmission vibration and noise begins to rely on the aid of simulation. Zhang suohuai, Shen Yunwen, et al. Based on the establishment of the impact dynamic model of the gear pair, the influence of the shaft unbalance, input speed fluctuation and gear pair meshing clearance on the system is discussed respectively. Finally, the relationship between the adjacent impact during gear meshing and the vibration period and excitation period during gear knocking are summarized Relationship. Shao Guoyou et al. Set the gearbox as the research sample, reduced the probability of false peak value in the spectrum by using the method of frequency inversion processing, highlighted that the main frequency was noise signal, and made innovation in the idea of noise test. In the same year, Dong Haijun, Shen Yunwen and others calculated the vibration characteristics of gear meshing system with the change of excitation amplitude under different excitation frequencies based on the meshing gear model. At the same time, the working state diagram of the gear was obtained, and the variation law of the vibration noise of the gear with the excitation frequency was analyzed.

On the basis of field test and comprehensive analysis, Xu Hong analyzed the transmission test signal data, and deeply studied the factors influencing the transmission noise after analysis, and summarized the characteristics of each influencing factor and vibration signal. Chu Zhigang et al. Embedded high damping material into the gear, so as to increase the damping of the gear and further reduce the backlash of a pair of meshing gears, so as to achieve the effect of suppressing the vibration and noise of the transmission. When Liang Jie and Wang Dengfeng studied the 16 gear transmission of a heavy truck, they found the vibration signal by using the method of coherence function analysis, and then found out the cause of transmission noise by using the spectrum characteristics of vibration signal. Through analyzing the mechanism of transmission vibration and noise, Qi Linghua puts forward the test scheme and data processing method, and carries out the establishment and Simulation of three-dimensional digital model, which has practical significance for the research of transmission NVH.

Ge Ruhai, Jiang Xuyi, et al. Established the static transmission error model of gear in the study of automobile transmission squeal noise. Combined with the contact spot test and the experimental design method considering the influence of multiple factors, the optimal parameters of gear tooth surface modification were obtained. According to the parameters, the gear was processed. It was found that the method can effectively reduce the transmission teeth The effectiveness of the method is proved by the noise of the wheel. On the basis of test and test, ran Changlong simulated the transmission by computer, which provided reference for noise reduction of transmission. Chen Siyu, Tang Jinyuan et al. Studied the influence of the meshing clearance and load related parameters on the gear noise based on the consideration of the meshing time-varying stiffness of the gear pair, and discussed the meshing impact, the periodic occurrence process and the bifurcation behavior of a pair of meshing gears during transmission. Li Jie, Zhang Lei, Zhao Qi and others studied the gears with large contact ratio and found that the gears with large contact ratio have positive effects on noise control of transmission gear transmission system and are worth promoting.

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