Research prospect of high speed helical gear transmission system for electric vehicles

Although the vibration characteristics of high-speed helical gear transmission of an electric vehicle reducer are studied, some practical conclusions are obtained. On the basis of the research work and the research status at home and abroad, it is considered that further research can be carried out in the following aspects:

(1) The meshing impact time is very short, so it is difficult to measure and simulate the meshing impact. The current calculation method is not accurate enough. Therefore, it is urgent to establish a high-precision meshing impact model and calculation method.

(2) In addition to the vibration and noise generated by the internal excitation of the gear box, the external excitation factors are also very important, such as the fluctuation of motor input torque, the change of wheel load torque, the mass eccentricity of rotating parts and the time-varying of bearing stiffness, etc. in the further accurate analysis, the above factors should be comprehensively considered.

(3) For example, the vibration reduction effect on the system under certain working conditions is better than that under other working conditions. Therefore, how to take the working conditions of electric vehicles into account and obtain the optimal modified tooth surface through optimization analysis is of great significance.

(4) Experimental study on vibration characteristics of high speed helical gear transmission system.