Research results of dynamics model of industrial gear transmission system

Zhou jian magnitude to a gear mesh type bending – twist mechanical model considering the meshing stiffness and error of numerical analysis, and output bearing dynamic load response to the reducer vibration noise radiation of FEM/BEM model input bearing dynamic load excitation, node location analysis get housing distribution process and every point noise spectrum of displacement response in time domain, according to the different harmonic research domain wide range change with speed and load under the noise radiation of side band distribution regularity and meshing frequency, provide application design theory basis for vibration damping noise reduction.

Zhang Suohuai et al. used this analysis model to study the mapping relationship between each collision or each slap and the excitation amplitude of the single-stage gear system. Under certain conditions, the back collision phenomenon or the detooth state may occur. Liu Xiaoning et al., based on the bending-torsion model, used the multi-step chaotic control method to study the stabilization application of each chaotic attractor in the orbit system with different periods. By observing the complex conjugate eigenvalue and dimension variation of Jacobi matrix, the non-hyperbolic property of the gear system was demonstrated.

Inspired hai-jun dong, the rotational speed of gear panting bifurcation characteristic, show that the effects of the different load may appear totally meshing state, only back of collision condition and tooth surface and tooth back all collision to take off the teeth of the three response of vibration state and chaotic cycle window vibrational state transition are bifurcation phenomenon of jumping, but its vibration period is constant, reveal the highly complicated nonlinear relationship of the system. Cui Yahui et al. studied the nonlinear response of toothed clearance and internal and external excitation to the gearing rotor dynamic model, and analyzed the maximum Lyapunov exponent of the system with mixed-purification time series, showing that the bearing bearing stiffness affects the critical speed of the system, and the system is easier to enter into chaotic operation response when the toothed clearance is large.

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