Research status of spiral bevel gear

Spiral bevel gear has conical shape and arc tooth shape, which is mainly used for transmission between intersecting shafts. Compared with spur gear, helical gear, straight bevel gear and helical bevel gear, spiral bevel gear has the outstanding characteristics of stable transmission, low noise and large bearing capacity. Due to the existence of spiral angle, in the meshing process, each pair of teeth are only in local contact, and more than two pairs of teeth are meshing at the same time, which increases the overlap coefficient, makes the wear more uniform, reduces the load specific pressure, increases the bearing capacity of the gear, makes the working time more stable, significantly reduces the noise and vibration, and the service life of the gear is higher. At the same time, the spiral bevel gear can also adjust the radius of the cutter head, correct the contact area by using the curvature of the tooth line, and improve the smoothness of the tooth surface and the contact surface by grinding the tooth surface, so as to reduce the noise.

The tooth profile of spiral bevel gear is complex. During plastic processing, the metal flow is complex, the route is long and curved, and the flow resistance is large, so it is difficult to form the tooth profile. Chen Jimin analyzed the classification, performance and application of various steel, alloy and other materials used in gear manufacturing, and explained and summarized the latest trends of gear product production and development in China in recent years and the future development trend of gear materials. Ding Zhen and others summarized the modern machining methods of spiral bevel gear, and divided them into three categories: Digital Machining with special NC gear milling machine, milling with general NC machining center and profile line cutting.

At the same time, the characteristics of various modern machining methods of spiral bevel gear are discussed, which provides a way for the machining and research of spiral bevel gear. Liu g l et al. Studied the process method of machining spiral bevel gear by rolling cutting method, and carried out experimental analysis. They systematically expounded the advantages and disadvantages of this method, proved that this method can replace the NC machining method to process spiral bevel gear, and found a new method for the machining process of spiral bevel gear. Song Baoyang and others used precision forging technology instead of traditional processing technology such as gear milling, studied the precision forging technology and die structure of driven spiral bevel gear, and developed the electrode forming method of precision forging die of driven spiral bevel gear.

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