Research status of spiral bevel gear coordinate measurement technology

With the wide application of gear measurement center in bevel gear tooth profile measurement, it is possible to reverse the adjustment parameters of spiral bevel gear cutting and correct the tooth profile error. Scholars at home and abroad have done some research in this field. T.J. krenzer proposed a method of adjusting parameter correction by using first-order and second-order sensitive matrix computer bed. Simon, Tang Jinyuan and Wang Yongzhi studied the influence of machine tool adjustment parameters on tooth surface machining error in order to master the anti adjustment law of tooth surface error. Since the number of tooth surface measurement points is far more than the number of machine tool adjustment parameters, F.L. Litvin and others attribute the identification and compensation of gear error to the problem of solving nonlinear overdetermined equations. However, when this method realizes the reverse calculation of machine tool adjustment parameters, ill conditioned equations are easy to appear, resulting in difficulty in solving, and the correction amount actually solved may not be used.

Wang Jun et al. Identified the tooth profile error according to the correlation between the difference surface parameter space and the machine tool adjustment parameter increment space, and proposed a tooth profile error correction method – the minimum adjustment correction method. Lin C.Y, Li Jingcai, etc. studied using different optimization methods to correct the tooth surface error, but failed to consider the control of tooth root depth. Shih Yi Pei et al. Studied how to introduce the high price motion coefficient of machine tool adjustment parameters into the full CNC spiral bevel gear milling machine to correct the tooth profile deviation, and obtain a better tooth profile deviation correction effect by increasing the flexibility of gear cutting motion. The above methods are mostly used to correct the tooth profile deviation of end face milling method, and there is little research on the tooth profile deviation correction method of end face hobbing method.

Gleason company has developed the tooth profile error correction software gage of spiral bevel gear, and Klingelnberg company has developed the tooth profile error correction software KOMET, which can be used in two tooth cutting methods. They are connected with the CNC gear manufacturing center through the closed-loop measurement software, and the high-quality of the spiral gear manufacturing center is realized. However, the specific tooth profile deviation correction principle of the two companies is not disclosed.

Generally speaking, the basic theory of end face hobbing method in China is insufficient. Although the milling machine with six axis linkage function can be manufactured in China at present, it does not have the function of end face hobbing due to the lack of mature and advanced cutting adjustment calculation, full NC motion control technology and tool manufacturing technology; The lack of processing equipment restricts the wide promotion of this efficient processing method in China. With the progress of society, the increasing lack of resources and the continuous growth of labor cost, it will gradually become the consensus of bevel gear manufacturers to adopt end face hobbing method to improve production efficiency and reduce production cost in the mass production of spiral bevel gear. It is expected that the application of face hobbing will gradually expand and the output will gradually increase in the future. Therefore, it is urgent to systematically study the basic theory of spiral bevel gear face hobbing and solve this bottleneck problem that restricts its popularization in our country.

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