Side band frequency characteristics and mechanism of planetary gear meshing excitation modulation

(1) The distribution model of the frequency band law of planetary gear system is established, which mainly considers the number of teeth, the number of planetary gears and the relationship of meshing phase, as well as the drive error excitation and other factors;

(2) The influence of basic parameters, meshing phase and excitation order on the distribution of sideband is analyzed, and the judgment method of sideband frequency characteristics is obtained;

(3) The simulation analysis of several schemes shows that the side frequency distribution of planetary gear train is determined without considering the influence of other manufacturing errors and external excitation, and the amplitude of side frequency is related to the distance from the main meshing frequency, which is consistent with the prediction results;

(4) The experimental results show that the prediction of the edge frequency distribution is correct. In the practical engineering application, the purpose of noise reduction can be effectively realized by changing the tooth matching scheme to control the edge frequency distribution.

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