The dynamic characteristics of gear beating excitation

The rattling force of gear is another important source of vibration and noise of gear. It produces rattling sound of gear. Human ear is very sensitive to it, which seriously affects the overall sound quality.

The pounding force is mainly caused by the driving speed fluctuation and the existence of backlash between teeth. The generation and intensity of rattle noise are affected by load torque, gear geometric parameters, layout structure and lubrication conditions of the box.

We will take the automobile gearbox as the object to study the dynamic characteristics of the gear transmission excited by the beating force. A dynamic model of transmission beating torsion is established, which takes into account the influence of main components such as engine, clutch, flywheel, load-bearing and non load-bearing gear, and comprehensively considers the factors such as backlash, multi-stage stiffness of clutch, fluctuation of engine speed, drag torque of gear, etc., analyzes the influence of many non-linear factors on the beating dynamic characteristics of gear system, and evaluates the beating strength.

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