Simplification of sealed rotor system with straight planetary gear

Before the study of the system, firstly, the system is simplified, and the sealed runway and rotor are regarded as a component, and then Jeffcott with contact sealing structure is formed As shown in Fig. 1, the two ends of the shaft are supported by bearings horizontally. This system is relatively simple and easy to analyze, but the conclusions can explain some basic phenomena of complex rotating machinery.

According to the actual structure of the system and the interaction of various components in the system, the sealed rotor system is simplified as a mass spring damping system as shown in Fig. 2. Where MZ and mm represent the equivalent concentrated mass of the shaft and seal respectively; KSE and KFE represent the equivalent structural stiffness of the seal and the equivalent contact stiffness between the seal and the rotor, respectively. The seal material is C / C composite material, with the structural stiffness and contact stiffness of 418.28n/m and 3200000 n / m, respectively; SCSE And CFE represent the radial damping between the seal and the baffle and the equivalent damping between the seal and the rotor, respectively.

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