Open bevel gear of open disc feeder

A concentrator has a history of 50 years. It is a concentrator which mainly concentrates on molybdenum and vice versa. The feeding of grinding section in the plant is composed of silo, feeder and belt conveyor. The upper part of feeder is silo and the lower part is belt conveyor. All 24 feeders adopt 1.5 m open disc feeder.

The working diagram of 1.5 m open disc feeder is shown in Figure 1.

Lower bearing 2. Support 3. Upper bearing 4. Spindle 5. Bolt
Disc 7. Coupling II 8. Reducer 9. Coupling I
Motor 11. Small gear 12. Big gear

In structure, the disc 6 is a wear-resistant steel disc with a diameter of 1.5 m fixed on the upper end face of the big gear 12 by bolt group 5; the reducer 3 is zl-60 reducer with speed ratio of 60.714; the power is provided by Y132M-4 asynchronous motor 10; the upper bearing 3 and the lower bearing 1 are set in the support 2, and the total weight of the disc 6, the big gear 12 and the main shaft 4 are carried by the two tapered roller bearings, and the auxiliary 3 is provided The gear 12 and the pinion 11 are spiral bevel gears, in which the pinion 11 is integrated with its shaft. The working principle of 1.5 m open disc feeder is as follows: motor 10 drives reducer 8 through coupling I, reducer 8 drives pinion 11 to rotate through coupling II, pinion 11 drives big gear 12 to rotate, and upper end face of big gear 12 holds disc 6 to rotate, making disc 6 rotate The mineral materials discharged from the lower opening of the fine crushing bin are evenly arranged and scraped onto the conveyor belt of the conveyor and taken away. The working site of the disc machine is shown in Fig. 2.

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