Simulation of precision forging of helical gear

Basic parameter setting of helical gear simulation

(1) Model material: the material of the selected helical gear blank is 20mncr5, which corresponds to the material library of DEFORM-3D

Steel din-20mncr5, the selected helical gear die material is 4Cr5MoSiV1, which corresponds to die material H13 in the material library of DEFORM-3D.

(2) Define the properties of bevel gear blank and die: the blank is defined as plastic and the die is defined as rigid.

(3) Meshing: mesh the helical gear blank, and set the grid of the blank as 100000 tetrahedral elements.

(4) Step size setting: after the mesh is set, the step size shall not exceed one third of the minimum tetrahedral side length.

(5) Definition of Boundary: because the helical gear studied is a rotating body, only a quarter of the blank and die are selected as the research object in the simulation experiment, so the boundary should be set for the two side sections of the helical gear blank.

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