Solid modeling of core parts of CVT

1 Drawing method of input shaft, cam and slip ring

In the application of transmission gear adjustment, the internal parts configuration is different. Therefore, in the actual application of mechanical configuration, the equipment should be adjusted according to the requirements of mechanical configuration application. According to the requirements of this transmission adjustment, the input shaft, cam and ring slip are drawn in the actual design. In this drawing application, the transmission adjustment is applied. Figure shows the drawing after the transmission adjustment. According to the technical application requirements drawn in the drawing, the baseline of the convex shaft should be taken as the main part in the actual processing to draw the model. The processing of input shaft needs special rotation operation on the original size to ensure that in the implementation of rotation operation, the entity renderings of input shaft application can be well coordinated.

2 Drawing method of overrunning clutch

As important as the transmission is the configuration processing of overrunning clutch. In the actual automobile manufacturing design process, because of the special role of overrunning clutch, the design is divided into two parts: one is the drawing of outer yoke ring, the other is the drawing of star wheel. According to the processing requirements of clutch application, in practical application, the baseline drawing in the application should be stretched, and the internal contour should be trimmed. In this experiment operation, in order to ensure the final clutch application effect, therefore, in the construction of this optimization model, the application of its model is established in the drawing of the connecting part of the connecting rod, and through the adjustment of the connecting rod, the dynamic simulation is carried out from the design to determine that in the simulation design process, the size of the outer yoke ring component can be applied well.