Spur gear experimental equipment

In order to ensure the smooth implementation of cold extrusion production and processing, in addition to having a pair of cold extrusion dies that meet the technical requirements, matching cold extrusion equipment models and specifications should also be selected according to the needs of production. Therefore, it is very important to select the models and specifications of cold extrusion equipment. The presses used for cold extrusion mainly include mechanical presses and hydraulic presses, and ordinary presses not specially designed for cold extrusion can also be used. Because the hydraulic press has the advantages of adjustable stroke times and stroke length, maintaining the same pressure in the whole stroke, high adaptability and reliability, it has become the preferred equipment for spur gear extrusion.

The performance characteristics of spur gear extrusion hydraulic press are: (1) computer optimized structural design, four column structure is simple, economical and practical; The frame structure has good rigidity, high precision and strong anti eccentric load capacity. (2) The hydraulic control system adopts plug-in integrated system, which has reliable action, long service life and small hydraulic impact, reducing the connecting pipeline and leakage point. (3) PLC is used to control the electrical system, with compact structure, sensitive and reliable operation and good flexibility. (4) Through the selection of the operation panel, two forming processes of constant range and constant pressure can be realized.

The process experiment is carried out on yj61-630t frame type spur gear extrusion hydraulic press with nominal pressure of 630t, and the hydraulic press equipment is shown in the figure.

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