Status of spur gear finite element analysis in China

K. Lwang and h.s.cheng used the finite element method to analyze the size and distribution of tooth body temperature of spur gear in the process of gear meshing, and studied the effects of spur gear width, graduation circle size and tooth tip circle size on temperature. Rande Wang and others applied the finite element software ANSYS to analyze the meshing process of spur gear, and obtained the contact pressure and stress of the modified spur gear in the meshing process. Ian Howard analyzed the modification of spur gear tooth profile, studied the changes of stress and strain characteristics of spur gear before and after modification, and optimized the modification parameters of spur gear.

Yi Chengchen et al. Applied the large-scale finite element analysis software abqus, established the accurate model of helical gear, established the finite element model of a pair of meshing teeth, established the contact pair, and obtained the contact pressure, bending stress and comprehensive stress of spur gear in the meshing process. At the same time, it was concluded that the change trend of contact stress was basically consistent with Hertz contact stress and the value was close. Zhu Jianmin and others used the design engineering analysis software system I-DEAS to analyze and calculate the loaded elastic deformation of involute helical cylindrical spur gear. Gu Shoufeng et al. Studied the bending strength of helical gear by finite element method, put forward the method to determine the worst loading position, and deduced the corresponding calculation formula.

Fang Zongde, Zhong Yifang and others have studied the dynamic characteristics of spur gear transmission pairs by using the finite element method. Wang Yuxin et al. Studied the tooth root bending stress of spur cylindrical gear by finite element method, and obtained the size and distribution of tooth root bending stress. Lin Tengjiao and others have done a lot of research on the load distribution between teeth of multi tooth pair meshing spur gears. Similarly, using the finite element contact analysis method, they have obtained the size and distribution of contact pressure and stress of spur gears in the meshing process, and put forward the conclusion that the friction coefficient has little effect on the load distribution in the meshing process of spur gears in the influence parameters of contact accuracy (such as maximum penetration tolerance, normal contact stiffness, etc.).

It can be seen that the finite element method has been widely used in the contact stress of spur gear, the bending stress of tooth root and the analysis of spur gear temperature field. The application of finite element method in the contact stress and modification of spur gear at home and abroad will be introduced in detail below.

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