Study on dynamics of spiral bevel gear

Compared with cylindrical gears, due to the structural form of bevel gears, there are always vibration problems in bevel gear transmission system. Most of the faults of spiral bevel gear in Aeroengine are related to the vibration of gear transmission system. Yang Rong introduced the fracture fault of the driven bevel gear of the central transmission of an engine developed by Shenyang Aeroengine Research Institute. Through the fracture analysis of the driven bevel gear, it is considered that it is high cycle fatigue failure. After theoretical analysis and experimental research, it is confirmed that the failure is caused by vibration. An aeroengine developed by Zhuzhou Institute of Aeronautical dynamics also had the fracture fault of bevel gear web. Li Ning et al. Successfully completed the measurement and analysis of resonant speed and dynamic frequency of bevel gear by using acoustic measurement method. It provides an effective means for the resonance and fault analysis of aeroengine high-speed bevel gear. Coincidentally, in 2013, the model engine developed by AVIC Turbine Research Institute was tested on a high-altitude platform, and the central bevel gear fell off. Fracture analysis shows that it is caused by high cycle fatigue and related to bevel gear vibration.

From the fault statistics, it is found that the block falling fault of aeroengine driven bevel gear is a common fault. This fault is accompanied by the development of aeroengine technology, and the inducement of this fault is basically caused by vibration. Therefore, scholars have carried out in-depth research on the dynamics of aeroengine bevel gear transmission system. As early as 1987, Li qihan of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and others studied the vibration characteristics of two kinds of disk bevel gears during normal meshing under rotating conditions and the influence of several other factors on the vibration characteristics of disk bevel gears, and analyzed the block falling fault of disk structure bevel gears, so as to provide reference for eliminating such faults. Then Yan Litang and others analyzed the transverse vibration characteristics of the disk bevel gear, pointed out that the transverse vibration circumferential stress at the bottom of the tooth groove at the small end of this bevel gear is the largest, so it is easy to produce fatigue source here, and put forward a new theory on the resonance condition of this kind of gear vibration. The theoretical analysis is in good agreement with the experimental results. Zhu Zigen also got a similar conclusion in the article “vibration of disk bevel gear”. In 1993, Guo Xinghui and others studied the fluctuating stress of spiral bevel gear, discussed the influence of coincidence degree and modal damping ratio on fluctuating stress curve of aviation spiral bevel gear, and gave the conditions for fluctuating vibration of spiral bevel gear. Fang Zongde and others analyzed the dynamic characteristics of the vibration of spiral bevel gear transmission, and established a multi rigid body and multi degree of freedom vibration system model. The vibration equation of spiral bevel gear transmission system is successfully solved, and some important characteristics of spiral bevel gear transmission are obtained. In his master’s thesis, Ou Weilin studied the dynamics and vibration control of aeroengine transmission system, and achieved ideal results.

In the aspect of dynamic experimental research of bevel gear, Xu Zhenjun, Liang Shichang and others carried out experimental research on resonance failure of central transmission bevel gear. The relevant theoretical research is verified by experimental methods. Through the analysis, it is considered that the dynamic response calculation and experimental verification should be carried out at the beginning of the design of spiral bevel gear, which is of great significance to improve the design of spiral bevel gear. Zhuzhou aeronautical Power Research Institute studied the fault of a faulty bevel gear by acoustic measurement, and eliminated the fault.

With the rapid development of computer technology, computer computing energy has been improved. Numerical integration method has been widely used in solving large-scale nonlinear differential equations, which makes the research of gear dynamic characteristics develop rapidly. However, due to the complex structure of spiral bevel gear for aeroengine, it is still difficult to carry out in-depth dynamic analysis and research. Therefore, the research on the dynamic characteristics of aeroengine spiral bevel gear transmission system is not very perfect and needs more in-depth research.

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