Traveling wave vibration speed of bevel gear

After the natural frequency and vibration mode of bevel gear are determined, the resonance speed diagram shown in the figure can be drawn. In the figure, the abscissa represents the speed of the bevel gear, the ordinate represents the natural frequency of the bevel gear, and the excitation force is represented by the ray of the coordinate origin. In the figure, the resonant speed of the bevel gear under different orders can be determined according to the natural frequency of the bevel gear.

In the figure, Ff represents the front traveling wave resonance frequency line, Fb represents the rear traveling wave resonance line and Fe excitation line.

The traveling wave vibration of bevel gear is aroused by the dynamic load of bevel gear teeth in the meshing process. The excitation source is the torsional vibration of the bevel gear transmission device when the bevel gear is running. Due to the increase of dynamic load during meshing, the bevel gear generates traveling wave vibration. Through the study of traveling wave resonance, it can be seen that the traveling wave resonance has the following characteristics:

1) When the traveling wave vibrates, the amplitude of resonant traveling wave increases obviously, and the amplitude of non resonant traveling wave and other vibration modes is very small;

2) When traveling wave resonance occurs, each point with equal radius vibrates with equal amplitude and frequency, but the phase is different. When the dynamic stress is measured, the stress value is independent of the measurement position, but in the non resonant state, it is related to the measurement position;

3) When traveling wave resonance occurs in bevel gear, the first harmonic is the most dangerous because its vibration intensity is the highest;

4) The pitch circular vibration of bevel gear is not easy to arouse, and the natural frequency of compound vibration is relatively high. Therefore, the pitch diameter vibration is the main vibration form of bevel gear, and the second and third pitch diameter resonance is the main resonance mode of aviation bevel gear. At the same time, the vibration stress of bevel gear under the above modes is relatively large, which is the main research content of vibration analysis.

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