Study! Spiral bevel gears and hypoid gears

The spiral bevel gear and hypoid gear are important parts in the transmission devices of automobile, tractor, sewing machine, engineering machinery, electric tools, pneumatic tools, metallurgy, drilling machinery, etc. in the past, because the design and manufacture of spiral bevel gear and hypoid gear are more complex, there are not many domestic enterprises that can produce them, but with the reform and opening up, a large number of foreign gear cutters have been introduced Equipment, especially in recent years due to the rise of private enterprises, there are more and more domestic manufacturers of spiral bevel gear and hypoid gear.

Spiral bevel gear: when the axis of the main driven gear is perpendicular to 90 degrees and intersects at a point, there are also non orthogonal cases.

Hypoid gear: when the axes of the driving and driven gears do not intersect but intersect in space, that is, the axis of the driving gear has an upward or downward offset with respect to the axis of the driven gear, and its space intersection angle is adopted. All of them have the advantages of stable transmission, low noise and high bearing capacity, especially hypoid gears.

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