Subsystem of Spur Planetary gear test device

Considering the gear meshing characteristics of the seal rotor system dynamic characteristics test device, the actual photos and overall structure layout are shown in the figure. The test device is composed of mechanical body, lubricating oil circulation system and test system, which are briefly described below.

(1) Mechanical body of test device

As shown in the figure, the mechanical main body of the sealing rotor system dynamic characteristic test device considering gear meshing characteristics is composed of driving motor, speed increaser, seal tester, contact seal, rigid coupling, rotating shaft and other parts. The driving motor is connected with the speed increaser through a rigid coupling, and the speed increaser and the sealing tester are also connected by a rigid coupling. Both ends of the sealed shaft are supported by rolling bearings, which are installed in the bearing cavity to facilitate lubrication and sealing.

(2) Lubricating oil circulation system

The function of the lubrication system is to use aviation lubricating oil to lubricate the gearbox of the speed increaser and the bearing cavity of the seal tester by means of oil injection lubrication. The lubrication system of the test bench is composed of oil pump, lubricating oil pipeline, oil tank and valve, which cools the lubricating oil in the process of lubricating oil circulation.

(3) Test system

The test system is mainly composed of data collector, acceleration sensor, computer and software of test and analysis system. In this paper, the data is obtained by sensors, and the data are collected and analyzed synchronously by using test analysis system software.

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