Summary of precision forging technology of spiral bevel gear

Due to these irreplaceable advantages, spiral bevel gear has been widely used as an important part in the transmission system of various mechanical equipment, especially in the drive axle of walking machinery such as automobile, tractor, tank, aircraft and ship. Due to the great demand of spiral bevel gear, and its current production method is still using the traditional machining method, which not only leads to the waste of a large number of metal materials, energy and labor, but also the material removal processing is bound to lead to the cutting of metal streamline, which will greatly reduce the mechanical properties such as tooth surface strength and corrosion resistance of spiral bevel gear, It is difficult to meet the requirements of high performance of gears with the rapid development of industry. Therefore, it is necessary to find a new forming process of spiral bevel gear, and the gear precision forging technology can well overcome various defects of cutting processing. Its emergence opens up a new way for the production of spiral bevel gear. Compared with the gear formed by cutting, the precision forged spiral bevel gear has the following advantages:

1) Because precision forging can make full use of the fiber directionality of the material and obtain a more reasonable internal structure distribution of the metal, and a large number of micro defects in the material are pressed due to the deformation force in the process of precision forging, so in terms of the fatigue strength, impact toughness, meshing noise and wear resistance of the gear surface, Precision forging spiral bevel gears are better than cutting gears.

2) The metal flow line of precision forged spiral bevel gear does not expose the end of the flow line as the gear processed by cutting, but is distributed along the tooth profile, so the corrosion resistance of precision forged gear is significantly improved.

3) The precision forging technology of spiral bevel gear can form the blank by one blow through the precision forging die, and can be used as a part without or only a small amount of processing. Therefore, it has high production efficiency and low cost, which is conducive to mass production and good economic effect. The production practice has proved that the precision forging technology of spiral bevel gear can improve the production efficiency by more than 90% and reduce the cost by more than 25% compared with the gear milling machine.

4) Because the height diameter ratio of spiral bevel gear is small and the shape is relatively complex, the tooth profile shape is very easy to deform during post forging heat treatment. Due to the uniform and reasonable metal streamline distribution of precision forged spiral bevel gear, its deformation can be reduced by 80% compared with cutting formed gear during heat treatment.

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