The effective solution to the problem of gear broken in mining machinery

1. estimate the load bearing capacity of the mechanical gear in advance. In fact, the load bearing capacity of the mechanical gear is constantly changing during the operation of the mining machinery. It is necessary to estimate the load bearing capacity of the mechanical gear in advance in order to further study the strength and service life of the gear. At present, in the process of work, there are many factors that affect the gear load, some external factors are unavoidable, so there is no clear and effective calculation method. In the actual work process, the commonly used methods are statistical method, analogy method or new calculation method. According to the actual work situation, the relevant designers further develop the technical scheme to estimate the load of the mechanical gear, improve the accuracy of the calculation data, and then design the specific scheme to effectively prevent the mechanical gear broken problem.

2. strengthen the rigidity of the mechanical gear housing and shaft based on the analysis of the causes of the broken teeth of the mechanical gear, it is found that in order to avoid the problem of partial load broken teeth of the gear as far as possible, we must constantly strengthen the rigidity of the mechanical gear housing and shaft, install the steel housing on the mining machinery gear, and try not to use cast iron or welded mechanical housing. In addition, the rib plate can be strengthened on the mechanical gear housing to strengthen the boss of the shaft hole, so as to meet the actual demand standard of the shaft quantity as far as possible.

3. installation of overload tooth break protection equipment there are more and more existing overload tooth break protection devices. The most common ones are shear pin coupling and friction plate coupling clutch. The cutting torque of these devices is very large. Once it is found that the pressure on the mechanical gear is greater than its bearing capacity, the clutch will directly cut off the fuse to protect the relevant parts, Prevent serious broken teeth.

4. actively apply the modified gear. If you want to increase the elasticity of the gear, you can constantly adjust the modulus of the gear. However, this way of operation has great limitations. Once the relevant mechanical equipment is operated in the well, the whole space is completely limited, and the size of mining machinery has to be reduced, which means that the modulus of gear cannot be increased. If we want to solve this problem effectively, we must actively apply the modified gear to improve the stability and safety of work.

5. continuously improve the accuracy and installation level of gear manufacturing. Generally speaking, the contact accuracy of manufactured gears must be as high as grade 8. Therefore, when manufacturing mechanical gears, we must pay attention to the processing work of gear root, and complete the grinding work according to the manufacturing requirements, so as to ensure that the stress borne by gears will not be completely concentrated. When installing the mechanical gear, we must ensure that the angle of the bearing meets the installation requirements, leave the corresponding tooth clearance, reduce the bending stress at the root of the tooth, and then effectively prevent the mechanical gear fracture.

6. maintain the mechanical gear according to the direction of tooth length. Drum gear repair according to the direction of tooth length can make the flank of the gear form a waist drum shape along the direction of tooth length, and the broken tooth profile will gradually show an open line shape, which can effectively alleviate the problem of gear eccentric load.

7. to strengthen the management of the construction site and improve the management level, we must strengthen the management of the construction site and improve the management level if we want to effectively prevent the broken teeth of mechanical gears. First, improve the technical level and operation ability of the staff to ensure that the mechanical operation will not cause gear fracture due to improper operation. Second, make clear the responsibilities of each staff member, clean up the construction waste in time, and protect the construction environment. Third, the staff are required to check and maintain the mining machines in time, and take preventive measures in advance to ensure the smooth progress of the work.

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