The reason of mechanical gear breaking under eccentric load

In fact, there are many reasons leading to the problem of eccentric load and broken teeth of mechanical gears. The main reason is that the load can not be evenly distributed with the contact line, resulting in the misoperation of the main engine and auxiliary machine protection. Specifically, there are many factors that cause the problem of mechanical gear teeth broken under eccentric load, such as temperature change, pressure change, flow change or valve position deviation. In the process of mining machinery and equipment operation, if the rigidity of machinery and equipment shell and shaft is poor, then the problem of eccentric load and broken teeth often occurs.

In addition, in the whole mechanical operation system, usually set up a thermometer, the staff can observe the working condition of the machine according to the temperature displayed by the thermometer. Once the temperature of the thermometer is abnormal, it is very likely that the mechanical gear has the problem of partial load and broken teeth. If the gear is biased between the two shafts, the mechanical gear will suffer too much pressure. Once there is deformation or operation problem, the load capacity of the whole mechanical gear will not meet the working standard, and the load cannot be exactly the same as the distribution of the contact line of the gear. Once there is eccentric load problem, the two shafts of the gear will deform in the opposite direction, Then, the whole gear will gradually deform and break.

In mining work, mining machinery and equipment often appear the problem of partial load and broken teeth, which seriously affects the whole process of work. The impact of eccentric load broken teeth on mechanical equipment is very large, the bearing capacity of the surface of two mechanical gears will change, the right position of the gear is seriously deformed, the tooth root at the end of the gear needs to bear greater bending force, and the pressure after eccentric load is as much as 3 to 7 times as that without eccentric load.

In short, if the mechanical equipment in the process of operation appears the problem of partial load broken teeth, it will seriously affect the normal work of mechanical equipment, and even damage the whole equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to actively study the causes of eccentric load broken teeth, try to alleviate the problem of eccentric load broken teeth, reduce the impact of this problem on normal work, and improve the safety of mechanical operation.

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