The Methodology of Spur Gear,Bevel Gear,Spiral Bevel Gear

Many steps were taken to carry out the goal of this project. The steps are separated into sections based on the type of gear we designed and modeled. We started with the more simple spur gear, then on to the straight bevel gear and finally the spiral bevel gear. This chapter explains the process we used.

Spur Gear

The biggest challenge in modeling the spur gear was parametrically define the involute tooth geometry and the undercut of the teeth. First we tried to define properly the involute curve required careful dimensioning a series of curves to achieve full approximation involute. Our most important discovery was in the process of modeling the spur gear the parametric equation of circle involute. Definition of the parametric equation curve by reducing the time to create the curve of 99% over our original process. The whole process is that we use for modeling the devices shown in the following chapter.

Bevel Gear

When the process was fully defined spur gear, we started working with the bevel gear. Our process involves extruding initial modeling of the bevel gear teeth into a conical shaped body. However, to define the geometries of the bevel gear teeth restrict us from using this method because we could not fully define the tooth geometries. Our approach was to create another blank and short gear teeth out of alias. We found a method to define the geometry of the tooth back face of the appliance, called Tregold “s Approximation, we used to sketch an equivalent bevel gear on the back of the bevel gear. We used the gap between adjacent teeth the equivalent bevel gear and lofted cut the wound would profile the apex of the plant.

Spiral Bevel Gear

This allowed us to make very accurate approximation of the spiral bevel gear geometries. It was the spiral bevel gear the most complex equipment was dealt with and the The next step in our project. The hardest part of modeling the spiral bevel gear was to define three curve guidance dimensional for the tooth spiral to continue during the cut lofted. As with the spiral bevel gear, our initial idea to create this piecewise curve. We understood the curve could not be defined completely, or it may not be accurate using this method. Therefore we tried several different methods to define the path. It was the first parametric equation of a spiral, which we manipulate into threedimensional space the spiral bevel gear. The idea behind this method was to curb the spiral curve to the bottom of the spiral bevel gear tooth land for the entire length of the cut. The other major method we try to use that equation to describe the spiral angle variables. Describes all of the processes we used fully in the next chapter.

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