The Conclusions and Recommendations between spur, bevel, and spiral bevel gears

The equations defining for the spur, bevel, spiral bevel and accurate equipment. Equations helped to create the appropriate features in SolidWorks directly or indirectly. Once the elements were calculated in solid models could then take a trial and error approach. This process was the exact spur gear and bevel gear made.

The method for making the ongoing spiral gear. The model is complete spur gear and can make matching sets, with minimum disruption. Proves the successful coupling of the gears is the involute equation right and that the governing equations used to design the right gear. Bevel gear is fairly accurate model.

The process we used to create the well-defined models and makes accurate fixed gears. Using Tregold “s Approximation of the spur gear equivalent means that the equipment is slightly inaccurate. However, due to the nature of the process of manufacture of bevel gears, the models created from our process accurately enough to be machined . This is as goes the bevel gear through many procedures before he reaches that features end, like heat treatments, grinding, and finishing. Using our method creates models of appliances that teeth slightly over gear bevel finished, meaning that they have an estimate quite well machined. When coupling our bevel gears in SolidWorks we ran into some problems alignment, but had the time to fully understand why.

This is included in the following part of our recommendations. Not the bevel gear spiral model entirely accurate. The curvature spiral the main problem with our gear back. The curves that we were able to define not cut spiral consistent create when used on different gears. These discrepancies are usually found between two gears designed as coupling sets, meaning they will not mate and therefore not suitable for manufacturing 40. The problem is how to restrict most of the spiral curve of equipment of various sizes and orientations. We were not able to define the relationships necessary to create perfect spiral cut, just below our recommendations for future work.

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