The Process of Spiral Bevel Gear (part 1)

Top View of Spiral Gear with Parametric SpiralDuring the spiral bevel gear the appropriate involute, had angles, and a spiral curve for use. Because the method could be used equivalent spur gear again the process is largely the same as used for the straight bevel gear. The problem is the spiral of the spiral bevel gears yourself. At first we used the spiral equation. The only problem was he could not be limited in a way that made the consistent manner. The spiral itself was the appropriate geometries, however. The other method was to use a guide spline points were predetermined to have the right curvature, but this method was not fully resolved also.

To make a spiral bevel gear are some important steps to follow. Steps ensures that the correct geometries made after the governing equations. Once the parameters are calculated using the equations of the gear can do. Can the rest of the equations which appear in Appendix 7.3. The majority of spiral bevel gear process as the process is the same bevel gear. The path continues lofted cut where the difference is. Our method involves first parametric equation for spiral:

Spiral Parametric equations: X (t) = DG * t * cos (t) (Eq.15)

                                          Y (t) = DG * t * sin (t) (Eq.16)

                                          Z (t) = K * t (Eq.17)

Lofted Cut of Spiral Gear Tooth Shape

Where is the diameter of the gear DG and K is the root angle in terms of radians. These equations produce accurate spiral curve. The problem was constraining the curve with the solid model geometries to get the right every time. You could end point constraints to the 3D sketch that represented the beginning of the path of the bevel gear tooth (the apex of the appliance). The other end point constraints of the bottom corners of the tooth space profile. The problem was at the center of the curve constrained so that the path would follow the root angle through the entire width of a person.

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