The SolidWorks Flowchart of Spiral Bevel Gear (part 2)

● Step3:

  ○ Create a plane tangent to the exterior face of the teeth (Construction Plane 1). 

    ▶ A: Profile bevel gear featured in the solid model. This will help in aligning the 1.See Plane Building Figure 2. 

● Step4:

  ○ On one plane create a profile of the equivalent spur gear. 

    ▶ A: Sketch circles showing the base circle and pitch circle plane 

    ▶ B: Sketch involute curve showing correct the tooth profile.

      – Should the involute equation corresponding to the base circle diameter of the gear. Starting point should be made coincident with the sketch of the base circle and end point this out to be coincident with the outside diameter circle. 

    ▶ C: If this ends up being involute curve on the inside of the circle draw tire center line of the base circle and the involute mirror about the centerline. 

    ▶ D: Mirror the sketch of the involute curve to achieve the correct circular tooth thickness along the pitch circle of the gear. 

    ▶ E: Double tooth profile because the base circle to get the proper spacing in between the teeth. 

      – Realizing that the appropriate spacing tooth circular pattern used in SolidWorks.See Figure 3. 

● Step5:

  ○ Profile closed using the space between two teeth (See Figure 4). 

    ▶ A: Make Arcs to close the two involute curves. 

    ▶ B: Make the bottom arc equal to the root angle of the bevel gear sketch.

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