The SolidWorks Flowchart of Bevel Gear (part 1)

It describes the process for creating the bevel gear in SolidWorks model in detail in the following flowchart. 

● Step 1:

  ○ Create Profile in Plane Front bevel gear. 

    ▶ All bevel gear and spur equivalent calculation parameters before modeling the gear. The governing equations exist in most manuals appliance or can be calculated using the “Parameter Gear Calculator.” 

    ▶ Choose the Create Plane Start and new Sketch (Front Plane png) 29 

    ▶ Create a tire center line for angles and profile. 

    ▶ Draw three lines showing three different angles (root, face, and pitch). 

      – Choose “Your Building” on online properties for each line. 

    ▶ Make all appropriate  online element

      – Choose “Smart Dimension” 

      – Click the centreline then building line. 

      – Enter every angle as shown in Figure … .. 

    ▶ Make the dimensions of the outside diameter and the diameter Pic. 

       – Choose “Smart Dimension” 

       – Click the end point of the next line and then angle the centerline 

      – Enter the Dimension 

      – Make your diameter Pitch 

    ▶ Tie the ends of the line and online Next Pic online. 

    ▶ Make online from online Pic to line Root 

      – Start the line at the end of the line field and go over the line root 

      – Left Click the straight line created 

      – Who Click change Holding Left the line joining The Face and Lines Pic 

      – Select “Parallel” about relations in the Properties window 

    ▶ Create lines to finish the profile dimensions 

      – The Dimensions A, B, C, and D can be and feature 

● Step2:

  ○ revolve Bevel gear profile. 

    ▶ Exit the Sketch 

    ▶ Choose “revolved boss / base” 

    ▶ In Box revolve 

      – Highlight the first box under “revolve Parameters” by clicking on the left 

       – Choose the center line only Sketch 

      – A preview of the profile revolved 

● STEP 3:

  ○ Create a plane tangent to the exterior face of the teeth (Construction Plane 1). 

    ▶ A: Profile bevel gear featured in the solid model. This will help in the alignment of Figure 2 1.See Plane Building.

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