The SolidWorks Flowchart of Spiral Bevel Gear (part 3)

● STEP6:

○ Sketch new point in Plane Right. 

▶ A: Make the sketch in Plane Right to ensure the volume removed in Step 8 correct.

▶ B: the sketch is only one point. 

▶ C: Make the point just above A.See Reference Point Figure 1. 

● Step7:

○ Make a guide line using the equation driven curve tool 

▶ A: Choose 3D sketch 

▶ B: Enter the equations parametric for spiral. 

– z component is the root angle in radians times 

▶ C: Make the point beginning the curve coincident with A. 

▶ D: Make the final point of the curve coincident with the bottom corner of the tooth profile spacing. 

● Step8:

○ Remove the volume from sketch point from step 6 to the profile of Construction Plane Spaced Teeth 1. 

▶ A: Be sure to use the guide curve when removing the amount

▶ B: instant Pattern remove around the spiral bevel gear to calculate the number of teeth.