The Process of Bevel Gear (part 2)

Revolve the profile due to the centerline of the white gear. New tangent plane must sketch the face outside the appliance to do next. This also allows for easy reference on the outside edge of the gear profile.

On the new sketch plane profile was equivalent spur gear. The sketch approximation to the bevel gear teeth at the most outside of the tooth. The process for making the profile almost exactly the same spur gear. The first step is a circle that represents the circle park to ensure it lines up with the line of the profile pitch angle bevel gear drawing. Then, he can draw the base circle and the angle is restricted root. The equations are used to find the equivalent spur gear geometries the same as used for the spur gear, as described in the previous section. The radius of the park and the number of teeth for the equivalent spur gear based on the parameters of the bevel gear you are modeling and given below. Equivalent number of teeth:

Equivalent number of teeth

When using the equation for the equivalent number of teeth, round the number up in order to create a gap between teeth is slightly less than would be created using a fraction of the number of teeth.

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