Three dimensional solid modeling of modified involute straight bevel gear

According to the determined modification parameters and combined with the established straight bevel gear model, the tooth profile arc modification and tooth direction equidistant modification are carried out. When the tooth profile of straight bevel gear is modified by circular arc, both the driving gear and the driven gear need to be modified; However, due to the large deformation of the driving gear in the process of gear meshing, it is only necessary to modify the tooth direction equidistant of the driving gear (planetary gear). According to the determined modification parameters, the surface deletion is used to remove the excess material on the gear teeth. Through the mirror image and array surface deletion features, the three-dimensional solid modeling of the tooth profile arc modification and the tooth direction equidistant modification gear is completed. Finally, the meshing transmission model of the modified straight bevel gear is assembled, as shown in the figure.

Straight bevel gear model with arc modification of tooth profile
Model of straight bevel gear with equidistant tooth modification
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