Time-varying meshing stiffness analysis of gear under fatigue pitting corrosion

By referring to the physical causes of fatigue pitting on tooth surface and the characteristics of pitting pits, different mesh stiffness pitting mathematical models were established by approximating the geometric characteristics of pitting pits to study the response characteristics of gear’s comprehensive time-varying mesh stiffness. The main research contents and results are as follows:

(1) the rectangular geometry quickly and approximate simulation of tooth surface corrosion pit morphology, respectively set up by Jane to numerous single physical model, multiple spot corrosion pitting physical model and random distribution points corrosion physical model, derives its meshing stiffness calculation analysis mathematical model, so as to realize rapid gear tooth surface fatigue pitting characteristic of time-varying mesh stiffness prediction and evaluation;

(2) the selection of different rectangular pit corrosion pit geometric parameters of gear mesh stiffness have different response characteristics, the simulation results show that the pitting corrosion pit geometry parameters, the greater the number of pitting corrosion pit or produce, the more the gear meshing stiffness value lower, the greater the especially pitting occurred location meshing stiffness value decrease, the more obvious, the establishment of three kinds of different corrosion analysis model can approximate completely different types of tooth surface corrosion characteristics of the phenomenon;

(3) based on the fractal theory to study micro pitting corrosion characteristics of the gear tooth surface method to forecast, the contact rigidity results show that the pitting tooth surface appear micro characteristics, its normal contact stiffness of a significant change of stiffness decreased, and no pitting characteristic stiffness difference between 1-2 orders of magnitude, its carrying capacity will reduce at the same time, the computing simulation results and engineering application of consistent trends, micro pitting dynamic response for later analysis and micro pitting extension Gui foundation bedding such as doing research.

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