The title of this topic is the design of Car Operating System

<p style=”text-align: left;”><img alt=”steering gear” src=”” width=”424″ height=”310″ />The title of this topic is the design of Car Operating System . Rack and pinion <strong>steering gear</strong> to the design as the center, first are cars’ steering system overview; Second, Cars steering system performance parameters; third rack gear and a reasonable match to meet the correct steering gear ratio and strength requirements; Fourth, power steering mechanism design; Fifth, the structural design of trapezoidal. Therefore, taking into account the above issues and factors that require study, based on the steering wheel rotary drive transmission shaft of the steering rack and pinion steering, through the universal joint drive shaft rotation gear shift, steering rack and steering gear shaft meshing, thereby encouraging steering rack linear motion to achieve steering. Simple structure to achieve the steering tight, short axial dimension, and the number of parts can increase the advantages of less power in order to achieve the vehicle steering stability and sensitivity. In this article a major design steering rack and pinion steering gear shaft and the check, the main methods and theoretical experience in the use of automotive design parameters and the University of mechanical design school curriculum design and the results meet the strength requirements, safe and reliable.</p>

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