Trial production and test comparison of adjusted helical gear pump

A set of helical gears with a displacement of 30 ml / R are processed according to the adjusted curve. After assembly test, the rated pressure is 20 MPa, the maximum pressure is 25 MPa, and the rated speed is 2000 R / min. The performances are shown in Table 2.

The displacement of the assembled helical gear pump is 30.2 ml / R in the displacement verification test, which is between 28.5 and 33, meeting the requirements. The volumetric efficiency is 94.7% at rated speed, which is much higher than 91% of the technical requirements. And the total efficiency of the pump is 87.3%, which exceeds 81% of the technical requirements.

The sealing performance of the pump is good. In the sealing performance test, there is no oil leakage at the static sealing part and no oil drop at the dynamic sealing part. In addition, the pump can operate stably in the overspeed performance test (continuous operation for 15 min at the speed of 2300 R / min) and overload performance test (continuous operation for 1 h at 25 MPa) within the specified time without any abnormal phenomenon.

The pump also maintains excellent performance in low speed performance test. At the speed of 800 R / min, the pump can still maintain a stable output pressure of 20 MPa, and the volumetric efficiency is 70%, which is much higher than 65% of the technical requirements. In the high temperature performance test, the screw pump can work normally for more than 1 hour under the rated condition and the inlet oil temperature is 90 ~ 100 ℃, and the volume efficiency can reach 95.3%, which is 91% higher than the technical requirements.

In the noise test with the speed of 1500 R / min, the noise produced by the pump is only 62 dB, which is far lower than the technical requirement of 80 dB. The data of the screw pump is much better than the technical requirements of the industry.

After the test, disassemble and inspect the gear pump as shown in the figure. All friction pairs are normal and meet the requirements.

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