Modeling of Helical Gear Locking Mechanism with Locking Function

Since the locking mechanism is based on an improvement of the Eastern Wind Mentoson 2nd generation differential, the size of the parts is limited by the differential housing and case due to the correct installation of the locking mechanism.According to the given differential case structure, the center distance between the cam disc gear of the locking mechanism and the flywheel shaft should be about 50mm, and the maximum distance should not exceed 55mm.

The indexing circle diameter of cam disc gear and flywheel shaft gear, their respective teeth, gear modulus and the center distance of the two gears are respectively represented by d1, d2, z1, z2, m and a, then the parameters satisfy the following relationships

The solid model of the cam disc gear and the flywheel shaft gear is shown in Figure (a).

For the modeling of half-shaft cams and cam-disc gears, the cam surfaces should be helical due to their concentric rotation, and their cylindrical diameters and whirl angles are equal.The contact between the half-shaft cam and the cam-disc gear is shown in Figure (b).

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