Use bevel gears safely

In order to use KHK stock gears safely, carefully read the Application Hints before proceeding. If you have questions or you need clarification, please contact our technical department or your nearest distributor.

① If you are reboring, it is important to pay special world SBY6-6015 220 M10 15 – section to locate the center in order to avoid runout.

② The reference datum for gear cutting the bore. Therefore, it is best to use the bore for locating the center. If it is too difficult to do for small bores, the alternative is to use one spot on the bore and the runout of the side surface.

③ If reworking using scroll chucks, we recommend the use of new or rebored jaws to better accuracy. Please exercise caution not to crush the teeth by applying too much pressure. Any scarring will cause noise during operation.

④ For items with induction hardened teeth, for example SBSG and SBS series, the hardness is high near the tooth root. When front end machining, machined area should be 4 to 6mm smaller than the size.

⑤ For tapping and keyway operations, see the examples given in “1. Caution on Performing Secondary Operations” in Stock Spur Gear section. When keyways, to avoid stress concentration cutting, always leave radii on corners. There

⑥ Bevel gears to fit changes due to temperature and humidity. Dimensions can change between during and after remachining operations.

⑦ When heat treating S45C products, it is possible to get thermal stress cracks. It is best to put them under penetrant inspection afterwards. While the strength of teeth can be increased four times, the precision of the gear will drop about one grade.

⑧ For handling facilities, SB and SBY series are listed below the tapped holes (180o apart, 2 locations) on the surface holding.

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