ADAMS simulation analysis of sealed rotor system based on gear meshing characteristics

According to the above analysis, before the simulation starts, the relevant parameters are set, and the corresponding settings are carried out in Adams according to the relevant data. On the basis of the above work, this paper based on the import of Adams The virtual prototype model of the software carries out dynamic simulation analysis of the rotor system under the action of gear meshing, and comprehensively considers the stability and efficiency of the solution. In this paper, the simulation time is set as 2S, and the step size is 2000. The time domain and frequency domain images of the radial vibration displacement of the rotor are shown below when the theoretical speed n of the rotor is 3000, 6000, 9000, 12000r / min, and the input power is 11kw, and the seal material is C / C composite.

As shown in the figure is the vibration displacement of the rotor at different speeds and the corresponding frequency domain diagram. From the vibration displacement diagram, it can be seen that the vibration displacement of the rotor presents a relatively regular periodic change, and the frequency spectrum diagram shows that the rotor frequency and its frequency doubling harmonics are the main frequency components affecting the system vibration.

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