Analysis of machining problems of mechanical gear at present

1.Wrong number of gears

The number of gears on the outer edge of the gear is called the number of gears. In the process of mechanical gear manufacturing, there are often errors in the number of gears, which directly affect the precision of the equipment used by the gear. The scale of mechanical equipment is directly related to the number of gears. Generally, the number of gears is directly proportional to the scale of mechanical equipment. The larger the bearing radius of equipment is, the more the number of gears is; vice versa, the smaller the bearing radius of equipment is, the less the number of gears is. Therefore, it is necessary to control the number of gears scientifically and reasonably. However, as far as the current situation of China’s machinery manufacturing industry is concerned, the number of gears error is still very serious, and the related technology needs to be improved. There are many factors causing the number of gears error, which will be analyzed one by one below. 1、 The selection of hob equipment is not suitable. Different types of gears have different working characteristics, which are more dependent on the material of equipment and production process level in the production process. Technicians often choose hob equipment according to their own subjective judgment in the production process, which directly leads to the deviation of the number of gears. 2、 There is no strict analysis and calculation on the size of the equipment. As mentioned earlier, the number of gears is strictly matched with the size of the equipment. Technical personnel are required to calculate the size of the equipment exactly, because once a little error occurs, it will directly affect the calculation process of the number of related gears, resulting in the inconsistency between the actual number of gears and the number of gears required by the machine and equipment. 3、 The movement direction of hobbing machine is not accurate. The prediction of the movement direction of gear hobbing machine is directly related to the specific number of gears. If the circumstances are serious, the structure of gears will be destroyed directly.

2.Unbalance on both sides of gear

In the normal operation process of gear, the balance of both sides of the gear needs to be ensured. However, the actual production process is contrary to the past, and the imbalance of both sides of the gear often occurs. Usually, there are two reasons for this problem: low installation efficiency of hob and deviation of helix angle setting. When designing gears, technicians usually install hob equipment first, and then analyze the relevant direction and radius.

If the technicians can not accurately calculate the working range, it will cause the axis position of the hob is not accurate, so that the verticality of the nut is not consistent with the design value, which will affect the balance in the process of gear installation. Similarly, the unreasonable setting of nut rotation angle will make both sides of the gear unbalanced. Therefore, if the relevant installation personnel do not pay attention to the running speed of the hob and the precise angle of the helix angle, the balance on both sides of the gear will not meet the corresponding requirements.

3.Tooth profile error

Many mechanical manufacturing enterprises often ignore the accuracy of the tooth profile when processing and manufacturing gears, and do not pay enough attention to the accuracy of the tooth profile, resulting in the gear products do not meet the requirements. In practical application, involute gear is the first choice in production, which meets the requirements of high precision gear. However, in the actual production process, the involute gear tooth profile error often occurs, which does not meet the production requirements. The immature operation technology of the relevant technical personnel is the main reason for the gear error. The flow direction of the linear hob will cut out the linear gear, which needs the relevant operators to limit the flow direction of the gear; at the same time, the instability of the mechanical transmission equipment will also cause the error of the gear shape.

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