Application of high efficiency cutting tool in engineering gear machining

Using coating technology

In the process of construction machinery gear processing, coating technology has a very important application, and 70% of the manufacturing process has been used. The traditional processing technology mainly uses the high-speed hob head for cutting, but in the process of cutting, the tool will encounter more common problems, that is, the wear of hob, and it is easy to appear serious wear. Nowadays, with the development of science and technology in our country, the coating technology is also constantly improved, more and more efficient coating treatment methods are more and more widely used in the process of engineering machinery gear processing, and has a considerable development. The application of this technology can make the coating more heat resistant, but also can bear more wear in the process of processing. In the use of this technology, it can effectively prevent the occurrence of blade collapse, and better reduce wear. The faster the speed of hob, the higher the efficiency of hob. Therefore, one of the most important methods to improve the cutting efficiency is to improve the speed of hob, and increase the feed in the process of processing. The application of this technology can better meet the requirements of the current mechanical gear processing, and improve the production efficiency.

Using replaceable blades

In the process of engineering gear processing, the application of this technology can play a role in preventing processing deformation. If the traditional hob blade is used, the hard alloy material is selected as the tool matrix, and the welding method is used to inlay the carbide blade. The modulus of the engineering gear processed is between 10 mm and 15 mm. However, this kind of blade will still expose a big defect in the process of use, which is that under normal circumstances, cemented carbide blade is difficult to better meet the requirements of efficient cutting, and the price is more expensive compared with other processes. Therefore, in the process of gear processing, the application range of alloy blade is narrow. At the same time, once the wear degree of this blade is high, it will lead to the decline of cutting accuracy, which has a great adverse effect on the normal use of the blade. The decline of gear cutting accuracy leads to the decline of the level of intelligent machining and the quality of the mechanism, which is not conducive to the improvement of the production quality of the factory. Therefore, the hob composed of replaceable blades can better meet the requirements of high-speed cutting.

Compared with the traditional cemented carbide blade, the replaceable blade combination can be replaced separately in the machining process. Using the replaceable blade for cutting, even if there is wear again, the worn blade can be replaced separately, which ensures the overall structure quality, reduces the cost of replacing the blade group, improves the processing quality, and makes the processing quality more stable. At the same time, in the process of using the replaceable blade group, if a blade reaches a high degree of wear, the next blade can be put into use automatically, which meets the requirements of automatic update. The progress of this technology also ensures the processing quality of the gear more efficiently, which can not only reduce the construction operation steps in the construction process, but also reduce the trouble of disassembly, so that a blade can be used for a long time, greatly reducing the consumption of raw materials. The time cost of the project is saved and the utilization efficiency of resources is improved.

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