Contact stress response characteristics of gear under fatigue pitting

As shown in the figure, the maximum contact stress response curves of the tooth surface without pitting and with pitting are drawn. The contact stress in figure (a) shows that the contact stress under pitting corrosion increases significantly and presents periodicity. Some tooth meshing cycles are selected to draw the local enlarged drawing, as shown in figure (b).

(a) Contact stress (b) Local amplification

As shown in figure (b), in the double meshing area, the maximum contact stress curve with pitting features fluctuates slightly, and its statistical index G2 value is basically equal to the contact stress without pitting features, while the statistical index value is about 1600mpa, which is about 35% higher than that without pitting. Similarly, in the single meshing zone, the contact stress with pitting characteristics increases obviously. The G1 value of the statistical index exceeds 2500 MPa, and the percentage of increase is about 85%. The main reason is that the local meshing force of the meshing line increases sharply due to the pitting corrosion of the tooth surface, which is consistent with the response characteristics of the meshing force of the upper gear. At the same time, under the action of cycle, it will lead to the occurrence of rapid fatigue phenomenon or ring breaking.

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