Solid additive for large open gear lubricant

Since the main working conditions of open gear are heavy load and low speed, it is necessary for open gear lubricant to contain solid lubricant to support lubrication. Solid lubricants can effectively prevent direct contact between metal surfaces. If there are solid additives such as graphite and molybdenum disulfide, the distribution of the tooth surface load can be judged by observing the distribution of the contact stress on the tooth surface, and the influence of the unbalanced load of the gear on the mechanical problems of the equipment can be mastered.

As shown in the picture is the ball mill open gear of a large thermal power plant in South China, using liquid lipid products. The load distribution on the tooth surface can be judged, and the plastic deformation at the pitch circle of the tooth surface can be clearly observed, and the phenomenon of partial load (the indentation on the left side of the gear is very dark).

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