China has a class 1 precision standard gear

In many important fields such as industrial production, aerospace and military equipment, precision gear processing technology plays a key role, and gear accuracy directly affects the overall accuracy of mechanical engineering equipment. Science and technology daily learned from Dalian University of technology on the 17th that Academician Wang Liding’s team has successfully developed level 1 precision standard gear, a technology with completely independent intellectual property rights, which fills the gap in the manufacturing process and measurement method of level 1 precision gear in China.

It is understood that the gear accuracy is divided into 12 levels, and the gear with accuracy above level 2 is the reference standard gear, which is mainly used as the national or international gear meter calibration and accuracy transmission entity benchmark.

Recently, China Society of Metrology and testing, China Federation of mechanical industry and China Society of mechanical engineering respectively organized domestic authoritative experts to appraise the results. The results show that the tooth profile deviation measurement technology of level 1 precision reference gear developed by Wang Liding’s team is at the international leading level, and the pitch deviation measurement technology has reached the international advanced level. The refined grinding master machine and ultra precision grinding technology are developed And the developed standard gear of level 1 precision reference level. Its comprehensive technology has the international leading level, and its precision index is international leading.

At present, the class 1 precision standard gear has been used as a physical standard by China Academy of metrology, provincial and ministerial metrology departments and enterprises, which has significant social benefits and important application value.

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